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Keith Montgomery



   We're Lovers Day And Night


A ballad written by Keith Montgomery: One of his most touching and heartfelt songs. This song describes the relationship of boy meets girl and a new and passionate pledge is born between the two. Keith describes his feelings in depth with emotion that delivers a profound intimacy to the song. This is a song that tells the story of a young man expressing his sincere feelings to his sweetheart. He is telling her that he is happy that he met her and they are now lovers both day and night. This song relates to true emotions being expressed in song and melody. Keith was 20 years old when he wrote the lyrics and music to this song. The lyrics are very touching and thought-provoking.

Keith arranged this song using actual strings. The horn section was precisely arranged to highlight the strings. Each musician in the rhythm section played their parts to the song the way they felt it, which allowed the passion inside each player to intertwine with the moment-in-melody. The arrangement accompanied the lyrics superbly.

Keith gave the song to Eugene Smiley with a basic melody. Smiley took the song and added his style to it. Smiley's idea to the song was to create a movement that would escalate as the song progressed. The bridge would be the highlight of the song and from there he used a strong adlib to take the song to the ending.

This song is a work of art, which was created, recorded and produced by two college students; Keith Montgomery and Eugene Smiley.





We're Lovers Day and Night


Um, I love you baby.

Oh girl, we're lovers

yes we're lovers.

You and me girl are walking on clouds,

stepping down oh oh so loud.

I'm so happy, I'm so proud,

we love each other.

We're happy lovers.

You and me girl, I tell you all I see.

To give life and raise a family.

I think we've found a rimerdy

in each other,

cause we're happy lovers.

Together, together we're lovers, yeah.

Well, making it all right, making it all right

together as one, living under, living under

our brightful sun.

Together, you and me girl are climbing the sky.

Looking down oh so high.

I think that we'll never say goodbye

to each other.

Cause we're happy lovers.

Together, together were happy lovers.

oh oh oh oh oh

Making it alright, together as one.

living under, living under our brightful sun.

Lovers. Oh oh oh oh oh.

Say baby, I feel so good when we're together, girl.

Ha ha, we're walking hand and hand.

And would you believe on this land.

And we have made oh, our final stand.

We love each other, cause we're happy lovers.

Oh, we're climbing the sky, oh baby.

looking , looking down oh, oh, we're so high.

we're making it all right.

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