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The Studio 
(816) 352-4163


The mission of Low Budget Productions is to provide systematic, specialized training in all styles of traditional African American music as well as relative cultural music in the United States. (Primary Genre: Jazz, Blues, Gospel and Negro Spirituals, R&B, HipHop, Rap and Contemporary)

We've put together a plan that involves both performing and recording opportunities for otherwise undiscovered talent in the Greater Missouri and Kansas Community. That’s right, our process has been tailor-made for individuals who cannot afford to spend big money. We will allow you to get your project recorded using the latest digital recording equipment and methods availableLow Budget Productions conveys the heritage of African American music so others will continue to appreciate the Black contribution to world culture.

Here are some of the things we can do for you:

(1)     Arrange the music for your songs

(2)     Write lyrics for some individuals

(3)     Lead Sheets

(4)     Record your music digital or with live musicians




Midwest Entertainment and Attractions 

A K-City Records Junction


K-City Records’ Midwest Entertainment and Attractions is the newest way to book fabulous artists and performers from all four corners of the Midwest. We have a selective group of musicians and singers with electrifying music, sensational technology, and innovative styles of interacting with the audience. Here you will find a talented group of musicians who will give you thrilling, energy-infused performances, and amusing finales.

Each artist as supported by K-City Records will deliver an exceptionally exciting showcase as well as a memorable experience that will make you feel vibrantly alive and genuinely connected with the soulful sounds surrounding you. Book us today for:


•Nightclub events

•Country Club and Social Occasions

•Wedding Ceremonies/Receptions



•Holiday Celebrations Corporate Functions and Galas

•Fundraisers and Open Houses Prominent Parties and other Special Events

•We also offer VIP Backstage Experiences


For K-City Records’ Midwest Entertainment and Attractions Contact: Eugene Smiley Sr. at (816) 352-4163 or Email: eugenesmiley@kcityrecords.com.  





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 Touring Kansas City?  

Well, don't leave until you've tried KC's BBQ!

BEST in the U.S!



Gates BBQ

4621 Paseo, Kansas City MO   |   816.923.0900

1221 Brooklyn, Kansas City MO   |   816.483.3880

1026 State Avenue, Kansas City KS   |   913.621.1134


Famous Daves

1320 Village W Pkwy,  Kansas City KS   |   913. 334.8646


Fiorella’s Jack Stack

4747 Wyandotte, Kansas City MO   |   816.531.7427

101 W. 22nd Street, Kansas City MO   |   816.472.7427

13441 Holmes, Kansas City MO  |    816.942.9141


Oklahoma Joe’s

3002 W. 47th, Kansas City KS   |   913.722-3366


Want to find out just how great KC's BBQ is?
Well, we even have our own Barbecue Taste Testing Tour!






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KC Jazz Lark



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National WWI

National Veteran’s Foundation

The Salvation Army

The I-Plus Organization

Mercy Housing

Wounded Warrior Project, Inc.


Remember to show our Veterans love whenever you see them!

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