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Keith Montgomery




I Want You To Marry Me

(Recorded at Paragon Studios---Chicago, Illinois 1978)


When we think back to the beginning of life itself, there is a bond that is being made between man and woman. That bond was meant to last a lifetime. There comes a time in most men and women's life where love truly captures their heart, and they begin to feel the same for each other. The two have a fervent desire to become as one. They are joined in holy matrimony. As it was said and as it should be, "What God has joined together, let no man put asunder.” This is the way God intended it to be.

Keith Montgomery, The song writer:

Keith Montgomery is a talented song writer as well as a music arranger. Keith wrote this song "I Want You To Marry Me," when he was twenty years old. It is amazing that a man so young could write a melody and words to a song like this, and express the true meaning of love and marriage. In this song, certain points are brought out. The phrase "I made a stand to be with you," tells me that he is ready to except love in his life. The phrase "I'm thinking of you all the time," reveals a man in love. Another Phase, "Marriage is a union of two people who are in love," expresses the bonding that only true love can bring. The melodic line on “Tell me what more could I ask for” is expressed and flows deep into the music chords being played. This song is well written.

Keith Montgomery, The music arranger:

Keith Montgomery as a musician plays different instruments. The musical arrangement for this song is a masterpiece within itself. The keyboard plays a melody around the bass guitar in the first eight bars of the song. The strings are accompanying the keyboard, interacting like sounds that are contrary but still blending to bring out the same feelings of an emotional song. It was carefully designed to focus on the progressive ear. Individuals that are musically orientated will notice this from the very start. Keith blended his jazz, funk and classical background in this music arrangement. This song is expertly arranged.

Eugene Smiley, melody preparations:

The melody to this song was created by Eugene Smiley. It was the arrangement that skillfully laid out the melody line and how it should be delivered. Eugene proceeded on to build a soft intro with a short introduction message that would take the lead from the keyboard and string section.

This would give him the interlude to begin delivering the first verse with emotions. Eugene continued to build on this method. In the second verse, he began to climb the scales with a silkiness and accuracy. This is an R&B Ballad nevertheless if you listen to the notes being sung you will clearly hear the Jazz influence. There are noticeable key modulations that also disclose the work of two great musicians putting their thoughts together and creating this masterpiece. The ending is a combination of adlib and expressions. This is a work of art.

This kind of music is very rare and hard to find. Keith Montgomery and Eugene Smiley created this masterpiece.




I Want You To Marry Me


Darling, I want you to marry me, right now.

Forever and ever - ever - ever - ever - ever

be mine.


Baby, when I grew up in this world,

I said I want a girl to make me happy.

Baby, when I went out on my search,

I said I've got to flirt to find my bride to be.

You came my way. Oh oh .

And I stopped my play, yeah.

To be with you girl, cause you're my world.

Yea girl, singing about you baby,

want you marry me?


Baby, now you're always on my mine

and I'm thinking of you all the time.

Oh baby, tell me what more can I ask for

when someone like you comes knocking at my door.

You took my hand and I made my stand

to be with you girl, cause you're my world.

Yea girl, awe yeah, singing about you baby.

Want you marry me.

Oh oh oh oh.


Marriage is a union of two people who are in love, yeah.

And they're trying to keep intact their firm foundation.

I think that we show signs of the definitions from above.

Want you marry me, want you marry me, today.


Well - yeah baby.

I want to walk down the aisle with you baby,

and say - and say I do - I do - I do.

Forever, forever, nothing but you and me baby.

And you pretty little baby.

Now I want you, and I need you, and I love you.

sing it over and over and over and over baby.

Yeah girl.

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