Rare Soul Music Collection - "I Want You to Marry Me"

 Rare Soul Music Collection/Marry Me - 45 Vinyl Record




“I Want You To Marry Me” was written and arranged By Keith Montgomery in 1978. It is one of his best songs recorded on the K-City Records label. This song was specifically written for those lovers who had matrimony on their mind. The arrangement was meticulously designed to captivate both Jazz and R&B music lovers. This is one of the nation’s greatest R&B and Jazz flavored songs ever recorded and produced out of the Midwest area.

   ~ ~ Overture ~ ~

 Many are calling the world’s decade of fleeting matrimonies “The Era of Divorce.” And it is a well-known fact that marriages the past 10-15 years in a very large percentage have been "brief." The Creator on the other hand intended for two people to come together in a loving relationship, which would last forever -- until death do us part. To bring back the real meaning of matrimony, Keith and Eugene created this great song purposefully aimed at catching the attention of people in love; focusing on providing them with a musical background that would inspire and motivate the two into the procession of proposal and wedlock.


“I Want You To Marry Me” was written with the idea of lovers young and old joining together as one in marriage to form a solid and lasting foundation. Here, you will find a timeless romance story that echoes to the hearts of those in love today. Its arrangement and lyrics express how love was and how it can be.


Keith and Eugene came together and created this indispensable melody intended to catch the interest of people in love or falling in love. “I Want You To Marry Me” reminds our hearts of ignited romance and the pleasures found in courtship. This piece will inspire lovers to converge with their intended and give those more timid to pop the question. So, look no further! “I Want You To Marry Me” is the perfect ballad to play in the background as you are about to propose to that special one and again, as part of your ceremonial wedding procession! And for those of you who have already “jumped the broom,” true love never dies! Allow this romantic piece to take the two of you back to that picture-perfect moment in time when he asked and you said yes! “I Want You To Marry Me” is a beautiful and authentic love ballad.


When we turn back the hands of time, the true meaning of marriage has been ill-treated and misused. This song however was written to encourage those who are seeking more from their relationships to focus on the true meaning of marriage - as it was intended and in perspective of our Creator. True love never dies. It will last forever.



Old School R&B

Rare Soul Music Collection - "I Want To Share My Love With You"

 Rare Soul Music Collection/"I Want to Share My Love With You" -

45 Vinyl Record


This 45 was never released and only a few promo copies were pressed in 1978. This was the year the new Disco Scene became all the rage, so the K-City Records team decided not to release ”I Want To Share My Love With You.”




Old School R&B

Rare Soul Music Collecton - "We're Lovers Day and Night"

Rare Soul Music Collection/"We're Lovers Day and Night" - 45 Vinyl Record


This 45 vinyl record of “We’re Lovers Day and Night” was listed as # 9 on the national charts in 1978 and was taken off the shelf by K-City Records and there were only a limited number of copies pressed. The K-City Records team made a decision to put the song on the shelf because of the industry's sudden change. Even though the song was no longer available to the public, it was not forgotten. “We’re Lovers Day and Night” was one of the fastest growing hits ever recorded coming out of the Midwest area. The song was climbing the charts with the potential of becoming a smash hit in that time period. 


Old School R&B

Rare Soul Music Collection - "Yes It's You"

 Rare Soul Music Collection/"Yes It's You" - 45 Vinyl Record


“Yes It’s You” is a brilliant piece that was written, produced and recorded by the K-City Records' writing team in 1977.




Old School R&B

Legends CD - Eugene Smiley Sr.

Legends CD - Eugene Smiley Sr.




This CD is Blues mixed with R&B. Great for parties, dancing and Blues lovers. There are some very touching love songs, as well as down home blues. I've had some DJ's say the CD has the Chicago flavor. These are some of my fun creations. I have been around a long time and I’ve done a lot of living; I've learned music styling from some of the bes, andt; I love to write songs that tell stories that we can relate to. In other words, what I hear and feel each day that I live reaches to and reflect through how I write my songs and arrange the music. As we go through life, each day that goes by, there's something new that happens; some new stories and some old expressed in a new way. Some of these stories are worth writing songs about. If the story is good, then the song is good. The songs on this CD, in many cases are written from stories that have happened to me. They grouped themselves together to become a great CD. When you buy this CD, I think you'll listen to it quite often, and you may even share some of the same stories.


Eugene Smiley, Sr.: Legends




CD Baby

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Legends CD

Special "Blues Collection"

Special "Blues Collection"


This CD is a special offer and will be offered as a free download from our Blues Collection.

The musicians in the pictures from top to bottom,

Eugene Smiley, Sr., A Kansas City Legend.

John "Hollywood" Bridgewater, Kansas City's Greatest All Around Guitarist.

Ronnie Reed, Takes a page in the history of "The Kansas City Music Scene"


 "Blues Collection"




Heritage - Blues on Flute


If you like listing to good mellow music while driving after a long day of work, on a road trip, or just doing the everyday old things, I think you'll find this music will help relax your mind, put you in the groove and help you enjoy life while you are on the move. A work of art for the common ear and not too sophisticated. Each song has a special meaning and a feel that is flavored toward relaxing, listening and imagination. The songs that are extra special to me are "How Long", "Lost Tribe", "Wave Your Hand", "Sleep Talkin" and "Well Done." Check them out. They are very touching. I hope you enjoy these sounds. I would appreciate your comments. Please try this CD.


Heritage CD

People Are Talkin CD - James Gilbert


After a great recording session and production

the Creation of

People Are Talkin


This is a great CD featuring one of Kansas City's most innovative, young and promising artististic talents, "Mr. James Gilbert." James is the son of the legendary Blues Artist and Guitarist, "Mr. Mellage Gilbert."

James has a unique style of his own that is much different than his dad's. He is one of Kansas City's finest new artists making appearances on the Blues horizon. We are looking forward to hearing great music from this young, talented artist and musician as he reaches out to Blues lovers with a natural feel for the Blues.

This CD is well organized. It has music for everyone. There is the drinking blues, lonely blues, fun blues, dance blues, several blues stories about true-life experiences and it is recorded with real instruments. This CD is very interesting to listen to. Check it out; I'm sure you'll love it. There is no better Blues CD out here today. Buy this CD. 



People Are Talkin

Best Kept Secret - James Gilbert


This CD was written especially for James Gilbert as he makes his entrance into the recording industries. James came up through the ranks of many talented musicians. First, let's mention, his father, "Mr. Millege Gilbert," one of the Midwest's finest Blues legends. He taught James well in playing several instruments, as well as his vocals and stage presence. Eugene has had the opportunity to work with James on many projects and states that James is truly a great person and performer. This CD is James’ day view. You’ll love this CD.


Best Kept Secret

This Time I Got The Blues - The BWB Show Band


This CD was recorded in 1994 but was not released until year 2010. The CD was released at a later time because the band leader, Mayfield Towns, passed away in 1994, leaving our band in great sorrow and grief. Now that the death is a part of our past and the grief is less painful, Eugene decided to release this CD in honor of Mayfield and the memories the BWB Show Band shared. There are so many memories of the good times the band had, playing the music that Mayfield and Eugene created. Mayfield, Reggie, Calvin, and Jeff were scholars. The band did wonderful things together.

The BWB Show Band held fund raisers in order to make contributions to the schools in Kansas City, MO and Kansas City, KS under a program which the band named "Blues in the Schools."  This Program continues today under the direction of the Kansas City Blues Society.

The purpose of the "Blues in the Schools" project was and still remains an important enterprise in the community that provides for the musical education of Kansas City area students, raise funds, make contributions of instruments and donations to the schools for kids who could not afford to buy instruments. This program continues and the music and musician's on this CD made it all possible. This CD will be a worthwhile addition to your music library.

Blues CD

I'm All About Her



This is a great Cd to lister to at anytime.  It has music for everyboby to enjoy. There are Love songs, Funk, Hip Hop, Rap and soft mellow sounds with a taste of creative imaginations. Buy this CD, you'll love it


Option CD

Christmas Party - Little Drummer Boy & friends


Christmas comes only once a year.  To get in the mood for shopping, parties, relaxing or just hanging out, this Christmas CD will lift your spirits and put you in the Christmas mood with a groove. The Artists on this CD are friends. They got together and did a great job composing every song. This is a very good R&B and Blues CD.  Don't pass this one up, Buy it, you'll love it.


Option CD

Unplugged.. Well, almost


Eugene Smiley, Jr.

The songs on this CD were written by Eugene Smiley, Jr. They are well written and executed. With a soulful voice expressing love, deep emotions and revealing the thoughts that engages the mind when relationships break down. These songs are very touching and emotional. Buy this CD. You’ll love it.


Option CD

All The Way Live - 2003 Kansas City, KS Street Festival

 Eugene Smiley, Jr. & Sr. featuring Miss Marva Whitney


This was the most exciting performance that we've had in a long time. It's been many years since Marva and Eugene Smiley performed together. The last time they performed together was in 1968, with Tutty Gatson and the Derbys, so this get together truly bought back warm memories for Marva and Eugene.

Eugene, Jr., who joins them on this venture was just a baby in 1969. So It’s a great pleasure for Eugene Sr. to have him playing the bass guitar for this presentation. Eugene Jr. also has a great voice which he illustrates on tracks 8 & 9. Hmmm, sounds a lot like his father! You know the old saying: “The Apple Doesn’t Fall Too Far From The Tree.” Marva is such a gracious soulful female vocalist. She puts all of her heart and energy in her performances. This was one of the best Shows of the year. We think you'll find it a real treat and a revisited collection!


Live KCKS Blues Festival CD

Blue Devil, Brody Buster



Brody Buster -- One of America's greatest Harmonica players. This CD was recorded when Brody was only fifteen years old. His very first appearance on stage playing with a blues band (The BWB Show Band). This performance landed him a career in music that would shatter blues communities all over the country. And check out his biography. This CD is his first. Buy it. You’ll love it.


Blues CD

Be You - The School Boy


This is a special CD Value for the kids. Buy This CD. 

Your Kids Will Love It!


Kids CD

Needing You So Bad



Eugene Smiley, Jr.

For the new generation: This CD is a "Jewel." This CD is filled with lyrics that reflect on everyday life. Love comes and goes and things happen that are beyond our control. Yet, when listening to this CD, there is that musicianship – the skills of a true artist connecting the music with the words being sung. The two silhouette together in our hearts and somehow charges it all to make sense again. Buy it. You'll enjoy it!


R&B Mix

Best Singles - Rare Collection


Eugene Smiley, Sr. and Various Groups, R & B & Blues


Eugene Smiley

Brunswick Records

This is some of the music that I recorded back in the day with a few of my favorite friends. This music will always have an impact in my life which will stay with me for as long as I live.

When I think back, I remember the days we came together to record these songs. Each song has a story behind it. My most recent group, The Bluesmen just recorded "Too Late ," a new version of "Stone Cold" and Bob Dylan's "Serve Somebody." These sessions were fun, exciting and most of all, satisfying for all of us. The individuals used to lay down the music tracks are some of Kansas City's finest and most talented song writers and musicians. We go a long way back. It is great to still be alive and share our music today.

Enjoy these tracks;

Eugene Smiley, Sr.







The Fabulous Derby's


Thomas Gadson better known as 'Tutty" and

James Gadson, better known as "Gat" 

The history of Rhythm and Blues in Kansas City goes as far back as the late 50's. In the early 60's, two young and talented brothers, James and Tutty Gatson formed an R&B band and named it "The Derbys". The Derby's soon became a household name in Kansas City and very quickly became the top number one band in the Midwest area. This band was creative; with their own ideas and had visions far beyond the expectations of the local media and they went on to become the first band to create and perform before both black and white audiences. America's Best Attractions, (a booking agency) noticed the success the band was having and began booking them all over the country.

The Derby's presented shows like "The Battle of The Groups" which was an annual event, "The Ebany Revue", "A Shower of Stars", "Boys Will Be Girls" and Talent Night at O G's Lounge - one of the more popular black nightclubs in the Kansas City area.

This band helped numerous groups succeed in their careers and created an avenue which made it possible for talented individuals to further their careers in music. Miss Marva Whitney, "The Queen Of Funk" doing "It's My Thing;” The Chandeliers doing "You're Blue Berry Sweet;" The Bloodstones with “Natural High” and many other hits, The Carpets doing "I Just Can't Win", The Visitors with a double-sided hit, "Until You Came Along" and "I'm In Danger". And these talented musicians continued this tradition by helping young and upcoming talent in the area like Clyde, Them and Her, The Third Movement, The Resurrection, The Essence Of Love, Unidos, The Soul Sensations and many others.

Some of these musicians are no longer with us, but their music is still here and will never die. We will keep their music on the airways and those of us who have contributed to this effort and helped in creating this R&B music scene know the real history and can relate to this period as well as to the new generation, and the new sound they are creating.

This is a message to the New and Upcoming Artist:

We will continue to focus on the younger talent and give them the support needed to climb the ladder of success. Internet Radio Station “HOT JAMZ 24/7 KCRI at Live365.com" supports and plays unsigned artists both local and national. New artist should contact: http://www.kcityrecords.com. HOT JAMZ 24/7 KCRI is privately own and is dedicated to new and upcoming talent that will create the music scene of tomorrow. If you think you got the talent, #1. Make contact with us, #2. Send in your best songs, no more than 3 songs, and #3. Make sure you have copyrights to you songs. Good Luck and stay focused.


E Money - Hip Hop/Rap

Mozart & Smilez - Hip Hop/Rap


King Curt Live Like A King


7-Days In Rio - Jeff Lucas

This is a single. Nice

Danzin Room Only - Jeff Lucas

This music is great for DJ's, Parties and Night Clubs. You can buy it here.

Blues No MORE - jeff lucas

This music is for Blues Lovers. You can get it here on CD Baby.

Equality I'll Fight For You - Jeff Lucas

This track talks about the brutality and the unjust treatments of our justice system and how it effect our communities across the country. You can buy it right here.

All Together

This CD "All Together" is a must for lovers. In it's song list, you will hear all the things that lovers say to each other. The songs and the music is great. For Lovers. You can buy this CD here at K City Records or cdbaby.com/rickydotson

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